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2010-05-25 05:54 pm
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[Timescale: shortly after this log.]

Okay, what the hell is going on? I felt something happen to Squall this afternoon, I can tell he's okay-ish, but I don't know anything! D:
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2010-02-25 01:13 am

I'm not asleep anymore!

...I'm done hibernating, I swear!

It was good seeing everyone in Garden. ♥ Even if everyone was busy! :p Maybe we should all go on holiday together sometime. Absolutely no work, not even Squall. Just holiday. Sound good?
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2010-02-23 03:03 pm

Bored bored bored bored bored

I'm really really really bored at the moment. D: I had fun visiting Garden and it was nice to see Squally and Seify, but there's nothing much to do this week. And Zone and Watts keep looking at me like I'm going to bite someone's head off, and okay, I'm a little snappy but geez! Dx

Entertain me! How are you guys? ♥
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2010-02-21 02:41 pm
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Looks like I'll be heading up to see everyone at Garden soon. ^_^ I wish Selphie was still stationed in Balamb, I haven't seen her in aaaages and I hate visiting Trabia, it's way too cold. But at least I'll see Zell and Quistis, and probably Squall. And everyone else I know in Garden! Zone is coming with me -- he's juuust a tad overprotective. As if any harm could come to me in Garden.

Squall, I hope you'll be around when I am, we need to talk.

Heyyy, this is pretty useful for passing info like this.
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2010-02-20 12:11 am

First entry!

Squally and Seify actually got journals! I was expecting to have to nag them for much longer, so I wasn't ready for it. But now I am. ^_^ Squall's at least behaving himself and doing proper entries, even if he did insult me, but Seifer's not playing nice. D:

I did a lot of work today on my Secret Project That Isn't That Much Of A Secret (it involves clothes!), and spent some time with Zone. He still has near-constant "stomach-aches" -- I'd be worried about him if he was a better actor... ^_~

Hmmmm, okay, I don't have much else to say. But I expect to see the others getting journals soon!